In The Boardroom Firing Line: Thoughts, Feelings and Events.

In The Boardroom Firing Line: Thoughts, Feelings and Events.

The boardroom is terrifying and I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone for an afternoon out! Lord Sugar leans forward the slightest and you subconsciously lean back fearing the shot gun of the dreaded fired finger. By this time, you've had so much time to collect the bones you have to pick with each other after the looser's cafe and it's now your time to iron those events out and pledge your case as to why you should stay. The best way I can describe being in the bottom three is legitimately what I imagine being on trial to feel like as you're in the ultimate survival mode. My eyes started to glaze as I went into a sinking feeling of realisation that I may actually be going home. There was absolutely no bias or indication of who was going to get fired until the very last moment - its almost an art which Lord Sugar has quite flawlessly mastered. I wondered if he had already made his mind up before I even sat back down and I wondered if Claude's report back about me after observation on the task supported the case I plead so passionately about in my version of events. I now know after watching on screen that Claude's feedback was that he thought if given the opportunity, I could be constructive (thank you Claude).

Joanna Jarjue BBC Apprentice
Before I knew it, Lord Sugar's finger swung back around after firing Siobhan as if to say "and for that reason Joanna, you're fi..." nope, false alarm, "You're going to be the project manager of the next task like it or not". I genuinely didn't know whether to be relieved or feel doomed. Sorry? what task is next week's exactly? Oh, yeah I'm not allowed to know or pick it - I can't wait. As you will have seen from the preview it is the 9 items buying task. I'll let you into a secret, I was so adamant before I even entered the process that the one task I was dreading was the one where you have to run around London buying stuff and look what fell on my lap. Spoiler alert - when Lord Sugar announces the task next week my face is an absolute picture. The only directions I've ever given in the city was typing postcodes of locations into an Uber App. The news hit me like a ton of bricks for a brief second in my moment of vulnerability. As I got up off my seat and walked out of the boardroom a free woman, I thought this could be a disaster but on other hand it could be an opportunity to prove myself. Either way, I know i'm at risk.
I guess all I have to do now is try forget that I'm Northern and lead a team to find 9 random items around London at the lowest negotiated price.

No pressure...


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