How this outfit started my journey to the boardroom – Get the look

How this outfit started my journey to the boardroom – Get the look

This outfit has been another hit this week with a lot of tweets, Instagram comments and messages asking me where it’s from. The truth is, it’s an old favourite which I bought from Pretty Little Thing about this time last year but had only got round to wearing it once to an event. Ironically, the first night I wore this created the moment that sparked the match of my journey to apply to the show and as you can see, it’s all come full circle and I am now heading into week 8!

That evening I sat right on the back row of an event titled 'An evening with Lord Sugar'. I attended with some work colleagues to listen to an interview about business in a 300 person lecture theatre filled with budding entrepreneurs and fans of the man himself. At the close of the evening there was an open opportunity for audience Q&A which inspired a sea of hands in the audience dying to have that one chance of interaction with one of Britain’s best business people.

The round of questions was coming to a close with an announcement that there was  time for just one more question to end the evening. Without a second thought my hand went straight in the air. I took a  chance to ask something I wasn’t sure would be well received as some previous questions had been classically shut down by the brilliantly blunt LS. To my surprise out of all the waving hands, the runner turned around and pointed the mic directly to me and I took it.

“If someone from the millennial generation; particularly the younger side of the millennial generation had a very innovative business idea and they wanted to pitch it to a more mature investor... aside from a well structured business plan, what else would you need to convince you to invest”. I asked this so confidently but was I fact terrified of his response.

“I would need a translator!” He joked. “You young people and all your jargon, I would need someone to translate it into cockney rhyming slang! I just want to know what it is and how it can make money just keep it simple” He concluded.

Until this day, he has no idea I was in the girl in the audience that night who asked him one question which inspired me to try and get a seat at the table to be THAT millennial pitching for his business investment. I believe if life gives you the smallest opportunity to even do something as simple as ask that great question, or speak to that one person who can help you succeed further, grab it! It can open up the flood gates for you to be doing something you may have never imagined before. Sometimes life is a domino effect of blessings, but you have to lay down the first chip...


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