Task 2: Interior Design Khaki Ensemble

Task 2: Interior Design Khaki Ensemble

Trousers: Missguided

Jumper: H&M

Coat: New Look

Shoes: Office

I always crave autumn winter. Never for the cold, but purely to fulfil my slight obsession with wearing Khaki or plum as much as I want. Now that it's officially pumpkin spiced latte season, if there's any outfit I would wear to work right now it would be this one. Once I had got over the gruesome raw meat flying around in the burgers task, I was so ready to feel fabulous again! So what better way to do it than with a head to toe all Khaki ensemble to welcome task 2?
Joanna Jarjue BBC Apprentice
I have vouched that my style is totally high street and this outfit is a great introduction to my affordable business wear series. There's something about sticking to one consistent and mute colour which I think can aesthetically put an extra £100 on any outfit. A wide leg trouser synched in at the waist, a thick yet fitted military style cord jumper and a thin lined duster coat draped over the shoulders. I fully enjoyed strutting around with the draped materials following my every movement. The man himself got the memo and helped add even more of a dramatic flair to my outfit with the gust of wind from his helicopter arrival turning my duster coat into a flying cape.
I of course, had no idea where we were going when I was woken up at the crack of dawn on that day. However, fittingly the Khaki ensemble happened to be perfect for the lush green grounds of a luxury five star hotel.
BBC Apprentice
Khaki trousers
khaki cape

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